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About me

My work speaks for itself, I am a hotelier, from the word HOT. I am a burning hot, passionate and naughty blonde. Have you been looking for that? OK, jokes aside. I am a simple woman with a good sense of humor. I love to laugh, but that doesn't mean I am not serious. I am a very serious and responsible lady, because owning a few hotels and managing them all requires being serious all the time. So when I have a chance to relax, why not? I don't think a person should speak aloud for herself, better ask me and make your own opinion about me, deal?

Hobbies and interests

When I see a horse I ride it! All my childhood I spent on nearby farms. And I started riding horses since I was 5 years old. So maybe I can show you my skills some day? Of course, it is not the only hobby for me, I try to develop myself as a personality and I love reading books and watching documentaries. I wish I had time to do what I love all day, will you help me?

Looking For Men Type

If I offer you some candy, would accept it? If Yes - than you are for me, if No - than you are not lucky today. Just be a man, take care of me, tell me that I am your only one, that you love me. A woman needs that. Not expensive gifts, but words, simple words can make me so happy. Oh, and do not forget to be fun from time to time. There is enough sadness around.