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About me

I have quite a soft character. I trust people. I can't do bad things to a man, and I don't think they will do the same to me. I understand that people are different. But I can't help myself. I don't like conflicts and try to avoid them. I look for a compromise. I am a sociable person, Yes. It just so happened that my profession involves the ability to communicate with people, to enter into a dialogue, and, in general, to be able to support a particular topic. I understand them. Many of my friends and acquaintances call me 'psychologist', because I can not only listen, but also hear. Sometimes, other people's problems I perceive much more acutely than my own. This, of course, is bad, and it should be disposed of. At the right time I can give some good advice. I don't like standing still. I always need movement, some actions, words.

Hobbies and interests

I can tell you a lot about myself. My main activity at the moment is a TV presenter. I devote most of my free time to finalizing some of the nuances. Just starting to feel confident in front of a video camera. I try not to show what I am really afraid of. Also I act as a model. I am often invited to different photo shoots. I really like to be a model. Besides, I find time to take care of myself. I do additional fitness. I want to achieve beautiful forms, I try very hard and I follow a sports diet.

Looking For Men Type

I value mutual respect in a relationship. It is an important thing in a relationship. I don't want a one-night stand. I want to find a serious man. Many girls find partners who are a few years older than them. I think that it is possible to have an age difference even of dozens of years. Because those men are more experienced and appreciate the girl differently. I think they might be right. At the moment, I would like to meet a person who will give me joy and a smile. I don't care about material status. I am used to getting my own way. I want to find a man who will support me everywhere. From whom I can take good advice. Who I can talk to as a friend. With whom I can joke and walk at night near the river and drink red wine.