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About me

I don't like and don't want to clean other people's dirt. At the same time, it should be clean around. I do not like lies. I love freedom. I am impulsive, emotional. Once, I was so carried away by telling a story that I forgot that I had a cup in my hands. I waved my hands so that it flew out and crashed. Nobody was hurt, but they laughed for a long time. It is good that it was empty, otherwise I would pour tea over my friends. I am indecisive in places, but if I decide, I won't be stopped. I am always late - not terribly punctual. I have one excuse for this. I am not late, you came too early. For this phrase my friends hate me). That is why, if I agree to meet with my friends, we make an appointment an hour earlier so that I can arrive on time. I am childishly frivolous and easy-going. Borders are killing me.

Hobbies and interests

I like vocals, choreography, household. One thing I can't understand, why no one likes how I sing? I can sing well, I can hear! After all, my hearing, like my singing, is good, what's the matter? Maybe they just envy me? I keep my apartment clean. I turn on the music at full volume and start dancing, and sometimes even re-sing the speakers. Once during the cleaning I got carried away with dancing and broke a flower pot. Added work to myself. But it was very funny, because we fell together with the pot. You should have seen it. It's good that such situations are very rare. I keep my dancing under control while cleaning.

Looking For Men Type

I need a kind, caring, generous and considerate man with a good sense of humor. He knows how to hammer a nail, how to keep housing in order. He can solve problems with his own hands, and not with the help of a plumber. Sometimes, of course, you cannot do everything without a locksmith, but a man should do minor repairs around the house, such as fixing an outlet or nailing a shelf. Who strives for more. He does not set the bar for himself to become a senior manager, after which he can retire on a well-deserved retirement. He is aimed at all-round development, constant movement up the career ladder. But the most important thing is that he would not be a mama's boy and would not have any conflicts with his mother. Mom is sacred. But when she says how to live for a man or without the approval of his mother, he cannot even take a step, this is not normal. The ideal relationship for me is one in which a man is a lover, best friend who shares my passions and supports my thirst for adventure.