Email forwarding

What is email forwarding to Russian mail order brides? How does it work to send a letter to a Russian bride? How much does it cost to correspond with Russian women at Lucky Dating? Why western men need email forwarding services when corresponding with Russian brides? Replies to these questions are on this page.

What is email forwarding?

- Many single Russian women do not have computers, Internet access and do not know English well enough to communicate freely, but they still want to meet western men for marriage. So, Russian brides register with marriage agencies who in their turn post information of the Russian mail order brides to various web-sites. Western men, interested in meeting and marrying a Russian girl, contact these women by email - it is faster than postal correspondence. But the Russian women can't get and read their letters themselves as they do not have computers. So, the agency that registered a Russian woman on the web-site receives men's letters, translates them and gives to the woman. This is what is called email forwarding.

Why do you need email forwarding?

- As it was mentioned, it is the fastest way to contact beautiful Russian mail order brides and single women from Russia and Ukraine. Nowadays using email forwarding services of an angency adds more security to your correspondence with Russian women: girls registered with the agencies are real, their identity was checked by the local agencies, and men can be sure they are communicating with a person who is in the picture. Thus, for a reasonable fee you get your letter translated, delivered personally to the woman you liked, and you are sure you communicate with the real woman, but not a phantom. Through letters you will be able to establish serious contact with the girls from our Russian mail order brides catalog, get to know each other, tell about your character, dreams and desires, discuss problems that worry you, and finally agree about personal meeting. What you need is to exchange letters fast, but correspondence by post will take a lot of time. How can you exchange letters quickly with a girl who doesn't have a computer at home, thus doesn't know how to use Internet, and doesn't speak English enough to express herself? Here we come to the conclusion that you DO need our letter forwarding services. We also offer photo-forwarding services to our male and female clients.

How can I contact a woman from your site?

- You can send a letter or an Inquiry note to a woman you liked simply by clicking the appropriate button in woman's profile.


is one more variant of your communication with women at our web-site. Flirting is an image-message which you can send as a sign of your affection or, if it is your first attempt to contact a lady, a sign that you like her and want to start communicating with her. A lady can also send an image-message as her reply to you.

What is an Inquiry?

- Inquiry is a short standard message of interest you send to the Russian woman you liked. It would be good thing to send an Inquiry for initial contact with a Russian mail order bride. What is the difference between an Inquiry and an ordinary letter? First of all, Inquiry is cheaper than a letter; but what an Inquiry does is it only attracts the girl's attention to your profile; when viewing your profile the Russian girl already knows that you are interested. When you get a positive reply from the girl, you can then send her a detailed letter about you.

How much does it cost to send an Inquiry?

- To send an Inquiry costs 0.25 of a POINT.

How much does it cost to send a letter?

- To send a letter costs 1 POINT.

What is a POINT?

- A POINT is a conventional unit, so to say currency, used by our site. You do not have to pay until you actually start using our services. When you are ready to use our services, you get registered and an account is created for you. Then you add funds to this account. Each time you add funds to your account, read or write a letter, send or receive a photo, send a gift - every balance affecting step is recorded in your Payment History. Consult the price-list for POINTs.

How do women contact me?

- Women can contact you by sending a letter to you as well.

How to send a letter to a lady I like?

- First step: log in to your account (or create an account if you are a new user). Second step: add funds to your account (you can start from 2 POINTs or add 100 POINTs at once to make your correspondence cheaper). Third step: go to lady's profile, click Email me now button, type in your letter and click Send letter button.

How do women choose me to send a letter?

- Women come to the local agency office, sit at the computer with one of the agency's employees, and choose profiles of men from on-line catalog. They can choose your profile because they like your photo, your age suits them, or just because - one can hardly guess woman's motives at the moment when she chooses you to send a letter. Russian women can choose an easy way - they ask agency employee to send their letter of introduction to all men who suit definite parameters (for example, age of men, his children, country a man is from, etc.)

How do I read letters from women?

- You should log in to your account and go to Inbox: this is where all the letters women send to you are stored.

Do I have to open all letters I receive?

- No, you open only those letters you'd like to read. If you are not going to open a letter at all, you'd better delete it so it would not distract your attention from the letters you want to open.

Do I pay for opening the same letter again?

- No, once you opened a letter you can return to it and read it as many times as you need without paying for it again.

Can I send photos to women?

- You can exchange additional photos with women by contacting a web-site administration through Support Center, attaching files you want to send to a message. To send 1 additional photo costs 1 POINT.

Can I send my postal address to a woman?

- Yes, you can exchange postal addresses with any woman you write to.

Can I send my telephone number to a woman?

- Yes, you can send yours and ask for the woman's telephone number.

Can I send my email to a woman?

- No, you can not exchange direct email addresses with the women.

Why can't I send my address to a lady?

- Since the letters go through the local agency's hands, they can send you their own email address, not the lady's to attempt to bypass our site and charge you for email to the lady. Some of the marriage agencies networked with us try to promote their own services. If we allowed email addresses in the letters, your email address can probably fall into the wrong hands, and you would be heavily spammed. If we allowed email addresses in the letters, it would encourage our competitors to exploit the system by posting fake ladies, and trying to solicit your email address, so they may use it later for their own marketing purposes. This would compromise our service to you.

Are my letters translated for the women?

- The letters are translated for the lady if she needs translation. There is no additional charge for translation of letters.

How do women reply to my letters?

- When you send email to a chosen woman, this email goes to a dating agency in the woman's native city. If it is the first time you contact the lady, she views your profile in Gentlemen Online Catalog. When the woman receives your message (either she picks it up in the office, or a manager at the agency reads the letter to woman on the phone) she is able to write or dictate a response immediately, or she may think it over and then bring her reply to the agency. We are not responsible for the amount of time it takes her to pick up your letter and reply back to you. Statistically, our male clients get replies to their letters within two weeks.

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